Program Description

Toronto FC Juniors is bringing our camp program to a community near you. If you are looking for a camp for your son or daughter that is more than just babysitting, this is the program for you. The Toronto FC Juniors camp program is performance-based and is built for the same purpose as all of our other programming. We strive to make every player better (regardless of their playing level), to identify new talent for our academy and select program and to introduce our Me-We-Us curriculum to all players and partners in the community.

TFC Juniors follows the Me-We-Us curriculum that is specifically designed to increase technical fluidity in players, increase spatial awareness and attach more purposeful decision-making to the three critical soccer moments of 1v1, overloads and collective play. Parent feedback regarding Toronto FC Juniors training methodology has overwhelmingly shown that player confidence, engagement and effectiveness in gameplay is vastly improved.

We also understand that players are the ones who are truly in charge of their development. Therefore, the Me-We-Us training methodology is built on our four key pillars; Athletic Development, Habits and Behaviours, Joy and Excitement, and training using real Soccer Actions. If we can ignite a spark in every player that makes them want to play more soccer, watch more soccer and be better players, then we know we have created the best foundation for development.

All camps are full day camps from 9:00AM to 4:00PM with an early drop-off at 8:00AM and a late pick-up at 5:00PM, unless otherwise specified. Holiday camp schedule will be released by November 30th, 2019.

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